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Tagging GitHub Pages

15 May 2021

How to use Jekyll tags on GitHub Pages blogs. How to sort tags using liquid templating.

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Hosting Jupyter Notebooks on a Blog

15 May 2021

How this blog, hosted on GitHub Pages, uses Jekyll and Jupyter Notebooks to view notebooks as blog posts.

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Gaussian processes (3/3) - exploring kernels

07 Jan 2019

Explore the Gaussian process kernels fitted by the previous post by using various visualizations.

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Gaussian processes (2/3) - Fitting a Gaussian process kernel

06 Jan 2019

Fit a parameterized Gaussian process kernel on the Mauna Loa CO₂ dataset. We'll use TensorFlow probability to implement the model and fit the kernel parameters. Updated to use TensorFlow 2.

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Gaussian processes (1/3) - From scratch

05 Jan 2019

This post explores some concepts behind Gaussian processes, such as stochastic processes and the kernel function. We will build up deeper understanding of Gaussian process regression by implementing them from scratch using Python and NumPy.

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